Narda McCarroll – Theatre Designer

Narda McCarroll – Theatre Designer

The Wizard of Oz ~ Set Design

Rainbow Stage - Nathaniel Muir, Jaz Sealey, Sharon Bajer, Kamal Chioua, Alyssa Jane Crokett, Laura Olafson

Rainbow Stage - Julia Davis, Alyssa Jane Crockett, Ray Strachan

Western Canada Theatre - Mandisa Volo (Dorothy), Cecilly Day (Glinda)

Western Canada Theatre - Mandisa Volo, Robbie Towns, Rem Murray

Rainbow Stage - Jaz Sealey, Chase Winnicky, Alyssa Jane Crockett, Julia Davis

Rainbow Stage - Jaz Sealey, Alyssa Jane Crockett, Kamal Chioua, Chase Winnicky, Nathaniel Muir

Rainbow Stage

Rainbow Stage

Western Canada Theatre - Emma Slip, Kevin Owen Clarke

Rainbow Stage

The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
Music & Lyrics by Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg
Book Adaption by John Kane

Western Canada Theatre (original production)
Directed by James MacDonald
Choreographed by Tracey Power
Lighting Design by John Webber
Costume Design by Stephanie Kong

Rainbow Stage (second production)
Directed by Rob Herriot
Choreographed by Sam Manchulenko
Lighting Design by Scott Henderson
Costumes provided by the Kansas City Costume Company

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